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Research topics

The interdisciplinary BrainComm Research Group focuses on  Neuroscience in speech and language. Research in the fundamental organization of speech and language in the brain nourishes insights into the clinical approach of aphasia and motor speech disorders and vice-versa.

Current Research lines:


  • Neurophysiology of speech and language

    • Organization of speech and language in the corticosubcortical brain during normal development and healthy aging.

    • Biomarkers of speech and language in the degenerative brain such as Parkinson's Disease and dementia.

    • Reorganization (neuroplasticity) measurement of speech and language and investigation of predictors for the recovery of speech (dysarthria and apraxia) and language (aphasia) after acquired brain injury.

  • Prevention of speech and language disorders in the aging brain

  • Central auditory processing in Parkinson's Disease

  • Micro-organization in conversations: discourse and conversation analysis

  • Speech and language monitoring during awake surgery

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